Monthly Archive: November 2016

Kinesio tape “lift”

One of the wonderful aspects of kinesis tape is how it lifts up restricted tissue while you go thru your daily movements (which may have been painful). The other day I taped a client’s upper back, neck and shoulders in such a way that the rotation of her head makes the opposite shoulder muscles stretch. Pressure is then taken off her upper back and her neck movement is eased.

My client’s chiropractor has noticed that adjustments are easier and more profound after the soft tissue work. The client is becoming more mobile and is able to withstand the day’s stressors more easily. Yay!!!

Myofascial Release and Foot Reflexology

Recently I was reminded again of the efficiency of combining techniques. A client had deep low back pain that was not releasing easily. I added intermittent stimulation to the appropriate reflex point on the foot and the low back muscles began to soften!

Kinesio Taping

Kinesio Taping is very fun stuff. It supports muscles and relieves tissue restrictions all at once. Several of my clients are very satisfied with the results from the taping and have learned how to guide me with exact placement to best alleviate their symptoms. What a joyful learning curve we are uncovering!

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