Pamela C. Stoll
Licensed Occupational Therapist
Certified Foot Reflexologist

Pam’s Passion

Pam has had a passion for helping people feel better since she was a child. Her choice to become a therapist crystallized after she spent time as a young adult with her childhood friend who’d been paralyzed. In 1988 she obtained her BS in Occupational Therapy at the University of Washington in Seattle, WA.

Pam then specialized in pain relief in part because of her own history of shoulder pain from many years of playing violin and in part because she knew that pain stops people from doing the things they need and love to do. Assisting people to be able to understand and dismantle their pain so that they can comfortably perform their daily routines gives Pam a strong sense of purpose.

Foot Reflexology

In the late 1970’s Pam lived in Hong Kong and played violin in the HK Philharmonic. An acquaintance introduced her to the practice of Foot Reflexology. She quickly became adept at helping her musician friends lessen the intensity of their repetitive use maladies through the medium of Foot Reflexology.

Myofascial Release

In the late 1980’s Pam attended an intensive basic course on Myofascial Release given by the late Regi Boehm, OTR; in the early 1990’s she began her studies with John F Barnes, PT who is widely regarded as the chief innovator of the Myofascial Release method.

Medicinal Cupping

Now In the late 20-teens Pam has become enthralled with the soft tissue suction therapy Medicinal Cupping. She became certified in July of 2015 and has been using the modality regularly in her practice since then.

Functional Movement Taping

Most recently Pam has achieved Level I in Functional Movement Techniques using taping. This modality helps people maintain improved alignment in their daily functional mobility. Reports from clients indicate that the taping improves function. Pam’s use of this promising technique will evolve as she continues to receive feedback from her clients.

Comprehensive Approach

Pam dreamed of being able to perform Foot Reflexology in a clinical setting. While she worked for the Doctors Feinberg at their St Louis, MO pain center, Injury Specialists, she discovered the benefits of combining Foot Reflexology with Myofascial Release. Please see Foot Reflexology and Myofascial Release. Pam now routinely combines these and other modalities mentioned above to offer clients a broad approach to unraveling their pain. She enjoys teaching her clients how they themselves can have an impact on their functional mobility.

Past Experience

Prior to moving to this area, Pam worked in rehabilitation clinics in Ohio and Missouri. She also helped to create Injury Specialists, a pain clinic in St. Louis, Missouri owned and run by anesthesiologists Barry and Rachel Feinberg.

Before devoting herself to Tender Points Pain Relief, Pam worked at Mountainview Nursing Home in Spartanburg, SC and with Shealy Therapeutics in pediatrics in Union, SC.