Posture Retraining

Posture Retraining

Normal activity for most people involves many different motions in a single day. We tend to do fine if we go about our tasks varying the movements we make every several minutes. But this is not what often transpires during a common workday.

People get into a repetitive motion with their work whether it’s using gross motor movements like sweeping or lifting, or fine motor movements like computer use or the playing of a musical instrument.

Repetitive motions day in and day out can cause the body to forget how to balance. The overused muscles become too strong and the underused muscles forget how to perform.

The result is mal-alignment in the musculoskeletal system, uneven posture, which causes or exacerbates pain.

Posture Retraining is the practice of teaching the body anew how to be aligned. Old postures need to be unlearned and new awareness of proper alignment put into action.

Practice of proper alignment during our daily routine helps strengthen weak muscle and balance the overused muscles. This balancing of daily movement patterns allows freer motion and reduced pain.

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