Fascial Pelvis

This past November I was able to attend the Fascial Pelvis class in Asheville given by John Barnes’ Myofascial Release seminars with Joan Miller as the instructor. It was a wonderful experience! Joan has been teaching this course for at least 25 years yet delivers tremendous joy, awe and enthusiasm throughout the entire course.

The course focuses on the pelvis and lower extremities. It also demonstrates how that region of the body is so very connected to the neck and shoulders. During the weekend at least two people reported having positive changes in the flexibility of their neck even tho no one had touched their neck.

This can happen because the spine connects the two regions. If a kink is released at one end some changes will occur at the other end of the of the spine.

In February I will be attending the Cervical Thoracic counterpart to Fascial Pelvis. I look forward to the complimentary information. I took these classes 25 years ago and look forward to refreshing my skills and gaining renewed light on the information and technique I’ve gained over the years.


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